Emily (gothiclolita16) wrote in sexworkpartners,

How to run a succsessfull independent escort buisness that is surprinsingly low risk

Advice on how to run a very succsessfull and surpingly low risk escort buisness from an independent
I am a 21 year old independent that has been doing this for a couple years. I get more buisness than most of the girls in seattle because I have desighne dmy buisness in a unique way. Some of the advice i saw on this baord wasnt right at all and i highly doubt the girls even got many calls, of course just a couple a week is probally worth it to them. I believe in posting all the information regarding my services on my website and a fair amount in my ad without of course saying anything illegal. Its all about using the right langauge. Its best to just post your hourly rate on your websit or your ad and say that you refuse to discuss funds or nogotiate. Clients actually respect this andas long as you charge in the 200-300 range, or up to 400 an hour mabey for New York this will be toally cool with people. Also dont upsale, its just provides for a negative enviornment. If you request on your website or ad that they place the donation on a table outside of an envelope and make no mencion of the donation there is no way to say that there were any services rendered. Dont say anything over the phone and as long as you post your stuff on your website police will disvoer they cant get any recordings on you and your probalkly not tied to any sex rings. Also you will want to post photos of yourself on the internet if you want to make money. Emialing photos is just a waste of time because you want to be able to draw cleints in when they are browing through other escorts. If they see some blank ad with a description they will just skip over you. It is a risk you will have to take. Showing your face will give you way more calls, but if you dont feel comfortable with that than there are ways you can get around it as long as your photos give a full look of your body and profile of your face.

SOME one mencioned that you could get away with just free ads. Yes if you posted to enough free ads you could do decent buisness but not the kind of buisness that would give you the chance to just turn on your phone when ever you wanted to get calls and choose your schedule. THere is only one website on the internet that is worth paying for but this site is amazing. Its 100 dollars a month but the first day you advertise you will make your money back if not up to five times. The first day i posted i got 20 calss. wwww.eros.com is the itnernets oldest escort derectory, they have no problem getting tons of providers adveritsing. The only other site that is worth paying for is www.cityvibe.com but this is mostly for east coast citys. You have the option of review boards but this is only a lucrative advertising venue if your city is tied to a steller privatly local board like mine is though it is a peice of elitist bull shit.
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