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Intro + How to Find Sympathetic Room-Mates?


I'm new to the community (thense the intro post). I live in Ottawa, Canada. I met my girlfriend when I guest-lectured in her women's studies class, and then met her again just about seven months ago, at Dyke March. Which is when we got together and started dating.

She told me about starting to get into sex work the first time I went over to her house. She was doing foot-fetish events at that point, though she's since moved on to stripping and escort work as well as occasional porn movies.

I am far less interesting - I do temp work in government offices and write stuff (mostly poetry, some often-erotic prose) when I can.

Anyway. I joined this community because (A) I can't join the sexworkers' community (the one that dirrected me here, anyway), and (B) I want to ask questions of people who have some idea about how the business works.

At the moment, the most pressing question goes like this:

My girlfriend is about to relocated to NYC.
She's trans and a US citizen. Ottawa is a small city. Not a whole lot of clientel and they are, frankly, cheap. That combined with no valid work visa means that she's not had the best time of it since she graduated. So she's moving back to the states, to a city with a large enough clientel-base that she can actually make a living at her work (or, failing that, can make a living doing escorting plus having a lower-paying but more less legally iffy job on the side, since she doesn't need a visa south of the border).

But. She needs to find a room-mate in New York.

Does anyone in NYC (Manhattan, specifically) know where to find queer-&-trans-friendly, room-mate seeking gals who are either in the business or who are allies?

Does anyone have any idea about this?

Thanks a bunch, folks.

- Amazon.
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