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In love with a call girl

I find myself in a predicament.

I visited her recently and found her to be very very appealing!! She performed oral without a condom and showed real commitment to the task. I was tired so I decided to lether have some fun first and I proceeded to lick her out. After a 10 minutes or so, she came, hard. It was very sexy.

She sat up and cupped my face to tell me that I am the first man to ever give her an orgasm (she can only reach orgasm by herself). She said she could fly, and was very happy. She told me that she loved my physique and that she wanted me to fuck her without a condom. I was surprised and shocked and I could not proceed. However, I became extremely attracted to her.

She told me her real name. She said I was gorgeous. She told me that she lost her virginity at age 19 and she is now 22 and she has never had a relationship.

Anyway - I think I have fallen for her. However, I cannot come to terms with how I should approach this . . . Please help!!! I don't want to turn into a jealous monster!! How should I try to cope with this if I want to pursue her as a girlfriend??
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