on_her_trapeze (on_her_trapeze) wrote in sexworkpartners,

intro and zine idea

Hi there,

I just thought I'd make a quick post to introduce myself and explain why I'm here.. Basically I'm a former sex worker, and I got into the work through my girlfriend, who is still in the industry and has been for about 6 years. Since we have an open relationship anyway, and I've worked myself, it doesn't bother me what she does but am fascinated to hear other people's viewpoints, both positive and negative, on the subject. I'm also hoping to write a zine soon, on the subject of sex work and issues surrounding it, with the hopes of getting a varied picture of the whole spectrum of sex work. I'd also be very interested in the perspective of the partners. So, hopefully you'll be hearing from me again soon on that subject.

Hmm, not much else to say at the moment, so bye for now!

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