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Recomendations for "Sex-Worker Positive" Couples Counseling in NYC

Hello we just found you. What a useful community!

We are looking for resources for our members and perhaps you can help.

We are in need of recommendations for some people who are thinking of "Couples Counseling". However . . . since one of the partners is in the Sex Industry they are having a hard time finding anyone.

When inquiries were made the reaction of most Counselors was "well the entire problem is that person X is a Stripper/Pornographer/some variety of Sex-Worker".

Actually that is NOT the problem. This is a case where both parties knew the other's profession going in and were OK of it, [within bounds . . the work & money related issues are Relationship Issues NOT alleged 'moral' issues].

These people would simply like some professional assistance not an exercise in moral re-armament.

Can anyone recommend someone in the NYC area. They should be accessible via public transport. Also the price should also be within the means of a "typical" Middle-Income family as I do not believe insurance would cover it.

Thanks and love,

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