itsinsideofme (virusinme) wrote in sexworkpartners,

intro and waiting for my partner

What a great relief to find this community. I am dating a male stripper who strips for men, and I find there is little support for male sex workers and also very little understood about straight men who work with gay men. Its not something he can talk about and not something many people understand. I do, its called money and desperation, and a no questions asked atmosphere.

He wants to leave the industry but it probably wont be for a while, its not realistic. He doesnt work that often but when he does its a huge process of preparation, physical and mental. Emotionally and spiritually he turns off but its better for his work when he doesnt because its his spirit (and his sexy ass) that his clients like.

However, many nights while my partner is working, I worry knowing how stressful it can be. The best times are the calls about funny or weird clients or doing well or if having a bad night, I can be encourageing and loving and make him laugh. I know its just a job and I honestly dont care what happens during his shifts, as long as he feels okay with it and doesnt do anything that makes his feel like shit. He has gone down many roads and knows his limits now, but over the years it has taken a toll on him emotionally and psychologically. Nowadays he limits his activities unless its with a client he likes or knows well. Less desperation I suppose.

Also he tells me that being able to talk to me about everything and my support make it easier. I hope so. I just want the best for him and although Id rather he did something else, I really dont care what he does as long as hes happy.

Anyway hes working a double tonight and Im just chillaxing until he comes home. Nice to find others who may be able to relate.
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