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Call for Submissions: Sex Worker Anthology

another "good thing" passed on from the nice people at PONY

Hi everyone! Please forward far and wide!

Contributors wanted for an anthology of writing by sex trade workers to be published by Soft Skull Press. All genders are encouraged to submit, as are current or former workers from any area of the sex industry: survival workers, strippers, whores, hustlers, pro dommes, film or print models, escorts, etc.

All kinds of takes on the industry, positive to negative, are welcomed.

Essays, narratives, and comics are all acceptable, fiction or non. Unpublished writers welcomed.

We are looking not only for accounts of personal experience, but also for pieces that reflect the unique position sex trade workers occupy on the front lines of struggles with race, class, gender, ownership, and desire.

Deadline: October 15, 2005
Length of submissions: 1500-3500 words
Send submissions as word or .txt attachments to:
Editor: Annie Oakley
Payment: Fee and copy of the book

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