Mistress Kellie Syren (kellie_syren) wrote in sexworkpartners,
Mistress Kellie Syren

I'm glad I found a great community.

I'm a 23 year old pro domme.

I decided to join because I want to learn more about how people let the cat out of the bag regarding our specific line of work. I also want to see how non-industry people feel as well.

Right now I am involved with a 27 year old guy. He isn't my sub or slave. (I like dating guys who aren't in the scene) I see him as an equal. When we first met I told him I was a photographer. Which I was at the time. I was taking pictures for a local company doing E-bay auctions. I also got hired to photograph intimate nudes for couples.

I told him I was working in the porn industry. He turned red, looked at me weird and said "Oh yeah?". Then made a comment about me letting him be a lighting person.

When I made the leap into being a full time dominatrix I came clean to him as soon as I could. We were talking and I kind of brought it up jokingly, saying "What do you think of those dominatrix type girls?" it was kind of funny because he had no idea where I was getting. I don't remember what he said but I know he was embarassed. It wasn't negative at all. I do remember the look on his face though. He also brought up the fact he dated a stripper before.

It was really interesting how this guy I am seeing just completely opened up sexually/fetish wise to me and didn't judge me by what I do for a living. He too like everyone else has one fetish or more. Maybe dating a girl like me is a turn on to him..he's still hanging out even after some of the work stories I tell him. :)


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